Hi there! I am Kanishk

Software engineer & creative professional, making apps and digital products.

Kanishk Kunal

What I Do

Digital Products

I am making templates and themes for helping others get an online presence. These digital products are offered for free or at an affordable price.


I am making web apps such as digital tools and news for designers, developers and makers. Previously, I made mobile apps which saw more than 3 million downloads worldwide.

left my full-time job as a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft in 2013, to pursue my own dreams of making and self-publishing apps & digital products. At Microsoft, I was in core development in team of Microsoft Office (Excel and OneNote) for Windows Phone.

Online Magazines

I like learning and sharing of knowledge which has given rise to multiple online magazines that me and my better half are managing. You can checkout: SDR (founded) and TBO (acquired).

Open Source

I offer many of my projects as open source for helping others to learn from the same. You can find my open source projects on these GitHub orgs – kunruchsdr and templateflip.

You can learn more about me, read my notes or blog.

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