A New Minimal Look and Static Site

Although I havn’t posted in a while on my personal site, I do try to keep it up to date with my latest projects and work. This year, you will notice a new minimal look for the site as well as a move from WordPress to a statically built site.

In 2016, I spent some time writing my own minimal CSS framework as well as a Node.js based static site generator. Both of these projects are open source and available on GitHub.

The motivation to write my own CSS framework and static site generator came from the need to go deeper and learn things first hand. I have worked a lot with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and UI Kit. They both are pretty good and get the job done. However, having my own CSS framework gives me the upper hand of knowing the framework inside out and therefore allows me to customize every single bit of style as per my liking. Moreover, I like to keep things simple which is what I have attempted in bulding my minimal CSS framework.

You may have heard about Static site generators gaining popularity and I have played with Jekyll as well as Hugo for my needs. While writing my own static site generator, I attempted to build my go to solution for all kind of web site generation need. This includes creating Single Page Apps using VueJS.

Apart from my personal site, I also moved KunRuch Creations website to statically generated site with a minimal look. There are a couple of other projects and sites built with my new tools. You can find all of them in the showcase section of the respective project’s website.

There is still some work to be done writing the documentation of these projects. Over the coming months, I will try to get the documentation done along with adding a few getting started tutorials. If you want to write your own CSS framewok or static site generator, you are welcome to fork the source code of my projects and use it as a starting point.

You can track the progress of these projects on their website or the github repos:

In case you are wondering, I am using mostly free hosting platforms for static sites when hosting these sites. Most of the open source sites are hosted on GitHub Pages, while the others are either hosted on GitLab or Netlify. All these platforms allow me to map a custom domain to the hosted static site.

In case you have any comments or feedback for these projects, I am reachable on Twitter or via this contact form.