2 million downloads on Windows Phone..

What does a developer ask from Santa on Christmas? A new gadget and all would be cool but how about a million downloads of the apps he made? Well, this year it was double the Christmas presents for me when downloads of my apps on Windows Phone reached 2 million.


Only 8 months back, I had posted about a million downloads of my apps. Around that time I took an important decision of my career and decided to become a full time Apps Developer leaving my job at Microsoft. Today I am very happy to have followed my passion. To be master of my own time is a joy of its own.

In this blog post I will share some stats about my apps on Windows Phone. Also, just like in the last post where I shared few tips and advices on my success, I have something to give to the developer community on this occasion. Read on till the last to find what it is.

Download Graph


 Download stats by app


Top 5 countries by download


A gift for other developers like me

I wanted to share all the resources and links that I collected over the past few years related to Windows Phone and Windows 8 development. However the list grew so big that a single blog post wouldn’t have done justice to it. So I decided to categorize and bring them together into a companion web-site for Windows Phone and Windows 8 developers. Now, I have just one link to share with you today: superdevresources.com

I hope that you will find this useful in your journey as a developer. Please read about it in detail here.